Real Estate Transactions

To many, a real estate attorney is someone who represents you, as a seller or purchaser, at the closing of the sale of your home. An experienced real estate attorney is that – and much more.

As time goes on, real estate transactions are becoming more complex.  The amount of paperwork is overwhelming. Navigating through the maze of mortgage financing, building regulation requirements, and contract negotiations, can often be very challenging. Many times, emotions are highly charged, because the purchase or sale of your real property can be the biggest transaction you make during your lifetime.

To protect your interests, if you are purchasing a home, you need to understand how the process works and what preliminary steps are necessary, before you enter into a contract of sale. If you are using the services of a Realtor, make sure you understand the different agency agreements (did you know that unless the Realtor is a “buyer’s broker”, even if they are showing you homes, they owe a legal duty to the seller, not you), which can save you thousands of dollars, ensuring your best interests are represented, not the seller’s. Choosing the right attorney to represent you, can save you thousands of dollars and spare you the anguish of unwanted surprises.

Whether you are buying your first home, stepping up to a more expensive home or downsizing to a more manageable home, adding to your real estate portfolio, or selling your parent’s home after they have passed, Monet Binder Law, P.C. can assist you and be your advocate.

At Monet Binder Law, P.C., we have represented lending institutions nationwide, business entities and private individuals, in their commercial and residential real estate transaction endeavors.  As part of our customized planning, we offer sound advice and strategies for the real estate component of the estate planning, and can assist with implementation and execution of all real property transfer needs associated with that planning.  

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