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Monet Binder, Esq.

Monet Binder, Esq.

At Monet Binder Law, P.C., protecting and guiding you and your family is our primary focus. Each family is special and everyone’s situation is unique, so we take the time to understand what you and your family need. With that in mind, we create legal solutions in Estate Planning, Elder Law (Medicaid Planning), Probate, Special Needs Planning, and Halacha, to make sure your family is protected now and in the future.

Protecting You And Your Family Through Thoughtful Planning

I Want To....

Legally preparing, in advance, can give  you  peace of mind, preserve family harmony, protect you and ensure your loves are well taken care of.

With effective planning, you or a family member can be spared the financial devastation brought on by the costs of long-term care.

The extensive and public nature of Probate can be quite unsettling during a time of grief. Often, it can be avoided. We are here to help.

Advance planning for your financial and health care management is import­ant, positive, and beneficial for you and those you care about the most.

Planning for a child with special needs can be difficult. Planning tools are available to ensure your child’s needs are met and quality of life maintained.

Purchasing, selling or transferring real estate can be a complicated process and may be a necessary part of your Estate Planning.

Ongoing communication is a valuable part of the planning process to ensure your plan is current with your life changes.

All halachic documents are under the supervision of the Bais HaVaad in Lakewood, ensuring they are properly prepared for you and your family.

Monet Binder Law, P.C.

My dream was to become an attorney – not the type that would battle in court, but rather, the kind of attorney who could support others, solve problems, and make things better for my clients. 

Why We're Different

Documents Tailored To Your Needs

No "one size fits all" documents. Your documents will be created after a thoughtful and thorough review of your unique situation and goals. We help you plan - we are not "document drafters".

Fixed Fees - No Surprises

We don't know anyone who feels good about their attorney billing for time for every phone call, email, communication, and legal work. That's why we agree on a flat fee from the beginning, so you don't get surprised by a bill at the end.

Proactive Ongoing Communication

We don't walk away from you after you sign the documents. Your life is constantly changing, so we've created programs for you to have access to us, as your family attorney, over a lifetime.

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Why A Comprehensive Estate Plan Is Necessary

The Ten Components Of A Good Estate Plan

When To Do Your Estate Planning

What Our Clients Are Saying

Jeffery Greenberg
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“I found Monet to be extremely knowledgeable, capable and efficient. She is insightful without being pushy, perfect mix for a great lawyer. I have recommended her to friends and they have all had the same experience.”
Alan Proctor
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“Monet possesses the rare combination of being very knowledgeable, very thorough and very caring. She made what seemed like an overwhelming process, much simpler and less fearful. I highly recommend her.”
Linda and Arnold
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"Once again thank you for everything. You made the process go so smoothly. We appreciated your knowledge, and clarity and your willingness to go out of your way to accommodate us at home."
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“I cannot thank you enough for helping me so that I and my children can have peace of mind knowing that our affairs are "in order" and that if, G-d forbid, anything should happen to me, my children will be well taken care of by a person of my choosing.”
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"You succeed in integrating your very professional practice with a caring concern for the client. You patiently discuss the options available to the client so that the difficult task of how to transfer the assets of one's estate to family and friends is understood and treated with the careful consideration it deserves."
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“Through your care, concern and expertise, you have helped me regain a sense of control in certain areas of my life which I had been avoiding. Thank you again.”
Y.M. Dick
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“My wife and I knew that it was time to do estate planning and searched for a competent attorney to guide us through the process. We were very lucky to find someone who was not only knowledgeable, but caring enough to spend time, understanding all of our needs, and make a truly custom plan. I cannot highly enough praise her work and compassion, and at a reasonable price!”
Hillel and Adina
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“Thank you so much for setting up our Will. Your professionalism, knowledge, wisdom, and patience, helped to make it a pleasant experience.”
Arnaldo Fabregas
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“For your Family Estate and Elder Care, I highly recommend Monet Binder. Her explanations have been simple, easy to understand and valuable for our family. Thanks Monet!”

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Halachic Wills and Jewish Law
Halachic Wills and Jewish Law
Halachic Wills and Jewish Law
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