About Monet Binder, Esq.

My passion is helping individuals and families achieve peace of mind by helping them to take control of their lives by planning for the future, to protect those they love and care about the most.  For this reason, I decided to focus on Estate Planning, Elder Law (Medicaid Planning), Probate, and Special Needs family matters.  Also, as one who is Torah observant, it is important that my Jewish clients have the tools and resources necessary to make sure their planning is done al pi halacha.

I designed my practice with the needs and goals of my clients being the priority.  That means, while solid, professional legal documentation is the foundation of the practice, an approach which focuses on listening in a caring, patient, and empathetic manner is also essential.  No one wants to feel like they are just a number or another person on an assembly line of clients, waiting for attention, which, unfortunately is the experience in some larger law firms.

My Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Special Needs practice has been set up as a family-oriented estate planning process.  I have an initial meeting with every client, so I can clearly understand their needs and intentions. At that meeting, I use my legal experience, of over 20 years in practice, to inform my clients about how their estate planning documents will advance their personal family goals. 

This thoughtful and caring guidance is given in plain English, so my clients can make educated, informed decisions, and know what they need to do, in order ensure their plan works the way they intend. My legal experience includes protecting families, preserving assets, and creating strategies to pass on family traditions and values.

My goal is to make estate planning as accessible, effective and understandable, as possible, so individuals and families are motivated to plan, and families do not have to deal with the disastrous fallout from a lack of proper planning or no planning at all.  I treat my clients like family, protecting their interests as if they were my own, fulfilling their family objectives, and building relationships as a family attorney and trusted advisor over a lifetime, and beyond.

The Probate aspect of my practice has been set up to efficiently gather necessary information, to move swiftly, and to make sure the process is as expeditious as possible.  Because probate requires court intervention, when the emotional stability of families is challenged, caring and empathy are important qualities a counselor must maintain. Efficient and professional legal work is essential, which eases the burden, allowing families to focus on themselves and healing, after experiencing their loss.

In addition to creating estate plans, I work in the real estate arena, and have represented lending institutions nationwide, business entities and private individuals in their commercial and residential real estate transaction endeavors.  As part of my customized planning, I offer sound advice and strategies for the real estate component of the estate planning and can assist with the implementation and execution of all real property transfer needs.  

Practicing since 1998, I have been certified by the Institute of Business and Finance for Estate Planning, am an active member of Elder Counsel and Wealth Counsel, prestigious national organizations comprised of top estate planning and elder law attorneys, committed to the highest standard of practice excellence. I have written several estate planning and elder law articles, which have been published in various newspapers, including a featured cover story in Hamodia’s Inyan magazine, as well as The Jewish Press, Queens Jewish Link and Tachlis Magazine. In addition, all halachic documents are approved by the Bais HaVaad Halacha Center in Lakewood, under the direction of Rabbi Dovid Grossman and the guidance of HaRav Shmuel Kaminetsky, shlita, as well as other leading halachic authorities

I believe that effective estate planning is crucial to the financial, physical, and emotional well-being of my clients and their families, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the process.

Monet Binder, Esq.

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