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Halachic (Jewish Law) Considerations

If you are planning to prepare a Will, or even if you already have a Will in place, you can ensure those you care about most are taken care of properly according to Halacha, Jewish Law. By making sure that Halachic issues are addressed properly, family and other beneficiaries will avoid transgressing prohibitions and be spared from animosity and disagreements that can ruin relationships and lead to costly, and time consuming, litigation.

There is a seder of Yerusha, Jewish order of inheritance, that flows through the male heirs.  For those who pass without a Will (intestate), the state has its own mandated order of inheritance which often contradicts the natural seder of Yerusha

Following secular law, any asset you own belongs to you before and after death, which enables you to dispose of your assets, as you specify in your secular Will. However, according to halachic/Jewish laws of inheritance, once you’re gone, your assets no longer belong to you, they belong to your halachic heirs.  So, the distribution plan in your secular Will could be a Torah violation.  Also, not planning at all can result in a Torah transgression, and those who would inherit according to state law could be guilty of gezel, halachic theft.

Fortunately, there are planning tools that may be specifically designed to comply with both secular law and the Torah laws of inheritance, which enable you to leave what you have, to whomever you choose.  Monet Binder Law, P.C. will help you make sure this is properly done.

All halachic documents are approved by the BAIS HAVAAD HALACHA CENTER in Lakewood, under the direction of Rabbi Dovid Grossman and the guidance of Harav Shmuel Kaminetsky, shlita, as well as other leading halachic authorities.

Halacha - Jewish Law

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